Hello my name is Marcia (yes  Marcia,Marcia,Marcia..) LOL I’m also your AVON lady. I’m going to share my AVON Journey with you along with other things..hopefully you’ll share some of your journey’s with me. here’s my first share   http://mandersons.avonrepresentative.com/

well of course it is…. that’s what this blog is primarily about.. right? still with me? Good.

one day I was sitting at my  Kitchen table.. no job, no car, no money, thinking how the HELL can I make money without a car to get to a job that i  don’t even have. oh and at the time no internet.. except on my phone which doesn’t really work since i live in the WOODS. thinking… thinking… then it hit me.. My friend SUE was selling AVON. both out in the world and on-line. I said to myself.. yeah I can do that. on-line until I start making money. sssoo I Texted her and said sign me up.. ON June 10th I sat down with her and her up-line ( i think that’s what she’s called) and signed up to sell AVON. ON-LINE only. I did get catalogs just in case I went out into the real world.. LOL.. i took the steps to get internet hooked up at home. I now have a home office. (my kitchen).in the mean time I went to the local McDonalds to use there wi-fi to get my website up and running to get my business going ( I am anxiety driven… got to get it done kind of thing). I HATE WAITING!!! OMG!!! 

I’ve been doing SOMETHING everyday with promoting my business. advertising on ALL my social media sites even added a couple. this is one of the added ones.  today is June 16th. (happy father’s day) by the way.. I have 3 AVON orders. in one week!!! .part of me says THAT’S it only 3 and part of me says not bad.. the THAT’S it part is winning!! LOL  what do you think?? not bad or should have more?  i keep telling myself be patient it takes time.. ME patient???? yeah right!!!! LOL!  I want results and i want them NOW!!! … NOT happening.. 

Hold on my honey is home….

well I think this is all I can do today…. I’ll see you tomorrow….

Today’s TO-Do list is complete.  LOL





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