NO post yesterday?? what’s up with DAT??

I didn’t post yesterday because…. i did a lot of reading..I also talked to my “up line” person for my AVON.  plus it was a Monday in a week full of Monday’s. NOTHING was going my way. 

I learned some stuff.. now if I could learn patience It would all be good.. but as I’ve said before I am anxiety driven. so I need it it done and I need it DONE now!!!!  any advise on the patience thing????? 

Right now I’m waiting for a phone call to help my friend place her AVON order. that would make it order # 4.. YYEEAHH for me.  progress!!!!  DAMN is it ever slow! 

Question for you.. how do I get the twitter and stumblr  to show up on the ends of my posts? I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  (oh what a newbie!!)  oh and how do I change the time zone?



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