I just submitted,

I just submitted my first AVON order. 2 customers. total of $80.00 plus I had 1 direct shipment order so that’s a total of 3 orders. and a total of about $130.00 bucks.  order #4 never materialized I knew it wouldn’t.. maybe in the next campaign.  OH I dropped off new catalogs (campaign 15) at my favorite greasy spoon today so hopefully I’ll get something from that.

Now the trick is… getting photo’s of my AVON specials to show up here.. have NO idea how to do that!!! any hint’s?  

http://www.youravon.com/mandersons   Have you been to my AVON website yet? apparently NOT because if you had you probably would of ordered SOMETHING!!!   LOL!  now’s your chance…. 


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