My first order came in……

i have a total of three orders… one was directly shipped to the customer… THANKS MOM!

the other two were shopped here to me… the estimated earnings for those two orders is… wait for it….is…. $28.40.  

you can help me make the next estimated earnings be 128.40 or higher by going to the following address and placing an order.



2 thoughts on “My first order came in……

  1. Hi there again, Really pleased to read your news. Well done you, you’ve cracked it or at least off the starting blocks. Have you tried promoting yourself in residential care homes and such like where the audiences are less mobile, less computer savvy and less likely to have the stamina to wander around the shops. They might be really pleased to be able to buy some lovely gifts for relatives, friends and staff with little inconvenience and loss of energy. Just a thought. keep going. 🙂

    • good morning Jaynefranks thank you for the great idea!!!! right now I don’t have a car and live in a very rural area so getting around is very tough. that is y i started ON-LINE only.. which is going nowhere! when i do get to go out I bring my catalogs and hand them out. and give people my website address.. and still nothing!! i don’t know what else to do at the moment.

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