Poor little AVON blog….




I’ve been neglecting you. and I’m sorry. I’ve been very discouraged about how this blog has been doing.. which is NOTHING!  I keep trying and trying and nothing happens. I’m out of idea’s to try. I’m trying to listen to “Honey” and just relax (HA!) NOT WORKING! Listen to him when he says it’s going to take time.. I’m a anxious person relaxing is NOT in my vocabulary  High anxiety and high very high expectations ARE. He also says… do the right things at the right time for the right reasons. I think I have said this before… but I’m going to say it again! I get very discouraged when I don’t see even a little progress. I feel like I shouldn’t be doing this at all.that’s what the no progress is telling me. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING I do is such a struggle. every STEP OF EVERYTHING I do is such a struggle.. I just don’t even want to keep going…  i spend so many hours sitting in front of this computer frustrated Because I can’t accomplish anything.. 






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