research or a waste of time???

My friend called me the other day and suggested that I Google e-mail sales leads…  that lead me to two days of  researching and looking up different stuff on e-mail marketing now remember I have to do this the FREE way!!! HA! no such thing!!!  promises of instant results, FREE!!!!, have millions of leads  it’s all a bunch of CRAP!!!! so I feel I’ve wasted two days.. I’m trying to justify it as research! NOT happening!!!  I’ve also noticed that my blogs have NOT been getting any “hit’s” either which is discouraging me even more. my poor ass hurts from sitting in front of the computer for the better part of two days with  NO progress NO results! NO nothing!  I want to get up and forget the whole damn thing.. but I keep sitting here plugging away… it’s not like i have anything better to do with my day.



9 thoughts on “research or a waste of time???

  1. Hi there. Popped back to see how you were doing. I read your post and feel your frustration. Do like the new business card. I looked at the UK avon catelogues after my last visit and then turned to look at my teenage daughter who was peering in the mirror hoping for a spot free skin. I noticed Avons spot cleanser gets an excellent rating, and I recognise teenagers seem to have more dispoable income to spend on such beauty products. Avon as a brand would not be top of our lists of manuafactures to try only because its not familiar to us and our shopping is mostly of supermarkets shelves so I wondering if you might raise its profile with in this group. Just a suggestion do you know any teenage girls who you could give some free samples to? . Ask them if they like it to rave about them and I bet lots of their mates would want to get their hands on some. Just a thought.

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