Summer isn’t over yet!! there’s still time to get your summer Favorites.

sandalswatchesmore Jewles

here’s just a sample of what YOU can add to YOUR summer!  want to know where you can get all this and then some?



you can also follow me on Facebook…   I think I mentioned that  I started a facebook page but I don’t think I gave to you. 

MY BAD!  LOL! feel free to go on over and “like” my page. 

and don’t forget my AVON website where you can place an order.

I need some idea’s…. HELP!

I’m getting….. getting  HA! I am disappointed AGAIN!  My Advertising  and selling strategies  aren’t getting me anywhere.I don’t know what to do now. so if someone could give me any idea’s that would be great. I’ve looked up free on-line advertising started a facebook page linked all my social media accounts together.. ssoo I’m reaching lot’s of people….  so what’s the problem? can anyone tell me?  please??????  Don’t forget I am doing this the free way.. Still don’t have money to spend on advertising…  How long did it take you to get up and running with your businesses?


OOOOO pretty where do I get me some????

jewelrymore jewlery


it sells itself!!




New Facebook page

WOW!!!! my new Facebook page is doing wonderful…  i have     7 friends   9 “likes” and 2 shares and 1 order. that’s in the first hour of creating it.  it’s FREE to create a business page… of course you can pay to get an audience  but as we all know I have  to everything FREE I can think of..

campaign 16 is coming up  you can go over to my website to check out the specials.

c14_planahead_sizzlingSavings_promo             campaign 16 nails        skin care 2


here’s just a sample of what’s inside… oooooo