research or a waste of time???

My friend called me the other day and suggested that I Google e-mail sales leads…  that lead me to two days of  researching and looking up different stuff on e-mail marketing now remember I have to do this the FREE way!!! HA! no such thing!!!  promises of instant results, FREE!!!!, have millions of leads  it’s all a bunch of CRAP!!!! so I feel I’ve wasted two days.. I’m trying to justify it as research! NOT happening!!!  I’ve also noticed that my blogs have NOT been getting any “hit’s” either which is discouraging me even more. my poor ass hurts from sitting in front of the computer for the better part of two days with  NO progress NO results! NO nothing!  I want to get up and forget the whole damn thing.. but I keep sitting here plugging away… it’s not like i have anything better to do with my day.



the joys of…….

now what did you think i was going to say????? LOL!  I was talking about my HOME OFFICE!! it’s portable. YOU CAN HAVE ONE OF YOUR VERY OWN you know here’s where you can find out how:           LOVE IT!!! right now I’m sitting outside on the deck watching the wildlife (birds,wild turkey’s squirrel’s deer,chipmunks,) and feeling the cool breeze.. WORKING!!! yes I used that dirty dirty word.. LOL! the sun is out.. for the moment. Here in New England that changes with every breath you take.. as i typed the line the sun is out it left… LOL!

anyways!!!!! I did my networking for the day Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, Google, WordPress, on the phone..and made some new connections.. My friend is going to place an AVON order with me (at some point). so that will bring my total up to 4. LOL!  There just NOT coming in fast enough for me…

I’m hoping to wake up one morning and see that I have like 20 or more order’s overnight!! yeah right! this isn’t Christmas you know… Marcia.(that would be me). don’t forget.. I’m anxiety driven!!! LOL! Patience is NOT my thing!

Well Honey came home from work and totally distracted me.. so i guess this ends this post for today… Have a great day and don’t forget to do all your AVON shopping with me.