OOOOO pretty where do I get me some????

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New Facebook page

WOW!!!! my new Facebook page is doing wonderful…  i have     7 friends   9 “likes” and 2 shares and 1 order. that’s in the first hour of creating it.  it’s FREE to create a business page… of course you can pay to get an audience  but as we all know I have  to everything FREE I can think of..

campaign 16 is coming up  you can go over to my website to check out the specials.

c14_planahead_sizzlingSavings_promo             campaign 16 nails        skin care 2


here’s just a sample of what’s inside… oooooo


I have been Re-blogged!!

YEAH!!!! I have been re-blogged..      Melaine  re-blogged me!!  Thank you!  I saw my post on my reader.. I’m so happy!!  I am following Melaine’s blog check out “blogs i follow”  to find her.


come on over and visit me!!

I just started a Facebook page so  I’m inviting all of you to come on over and check it out.. and “like my page”.

THANKS!  enjoy  your Sunday!  if your experiencing  the heat   PLEASE stay hydrated and cool.


Vacation is over!!

LOL! since it was a Long holiday weekend I decided I was going to take a few days off.. (sort of). I went to a party yesterday and handed out catalogs. I also saw some friends and gave them my website address. (that produced 1 order.) YEAH!!! I also have a CAR now.!!! Yeah!! so I will be mobile again. It’s been a LONG 2 months without one.  Hopefully I will be able to expand my business… I’ll keep you posted. I’m also thinking about starting a new project… yes folks another project!! LOL!  a Facebook business page.  I’ve also been toying with the idea of business cards.  I haven’t decided on that yet.



I hope everyone’s 4th was a fun one. 


HAPPY 4th OF JULY (early)

I may not be blogging tomorrow.. not only is it a holiday but I’m going to be busy working with “honey”.  making some cash!!  and boy do I need it!  so I’m doing my AVON work today.


AVON_ANEW VITALE Set             bth_avonbundle              bth_p4t3

here is just a sample of what you can get for yourself by visiting my AVON website.

see you there..   Enjoy your 4th and please be safe.